Inside serendipitous project

Serendipitous Project started as a celebration of art, nature, and the past. Little did I know I was attempting to reconnect the parts of me that have been neglected. The creative that has been a part of me since conception. My mom was an artist, and It presented itself in every way when I was growing up. From constantly redesigned living room furniture to DIY crafts; creativity was such a strong part of my identity that went by the wayside. My favorite activity when I was younger was going to the museums with my dad, celebrating art is one of the few things that feels like a reflex for me. Furthermore my affinity for working with natural materials was my attempt to reconnect with nature. Something that has been robbed from me by a western culture focused on overconsumption and convenience. The use of bright colors and beach motifs in my pieces were inspired not just by artists like Matisse but the scenery that inspired him. The tropical regions that my ancestors and family still occupy today. When I looked back and saw how these things overlapped I realized that I was reconnecting with the parts of my story that had been forgotten mainly due to capitalism and westernization. Serendipitous Project is a reflection of the past, present, and future me. This project has truly been serendipitous, I managed to create something and found something I didn’t even know I was looking for.

Occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way."a serendipitous encounter"